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Last Updated: 2016-08-11


  • Find the best places to Trick or Treat – Hanover Avenue in Richmond, VA is rated in the top 10 in the USA. - The Wall Street Journal
  • The 10 worst and 10 best cities for foodies- Richmond, Va. is ranked number 9 - American City&County
  • Richmond named "Top 20 Cities to start a Business" - CNBC
  • Richmond awarded 1st Place in "Mayor's Climate Protection" - U.S. Conference of Mayors
  • Richmond named "Priority City" to connect youth to the Great Outdoors - Let's Move! Outside
  • Richmond named "Tree City USA" for 25th Consecutive year - Arbor Day Foundation
  • Richmond named "Playful City USA" - KaBOOM! (play matters for all kids)
  • Richmond named #47 of the top 50 "Invest Health" cities - Invest Health
  • Richmond named third internationally in "Best Places to Travel"- Travel & Leisure
  • #8 in "Top 10 Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker" - Movie Maker
  • Richmond named a 'top destination' for food travel - National Geographic
  • Richmond named the nation's fourth hottest housing market - Zillow


  • 2015 Top Fixer Cities - SeeClickFix
  • Richmond ranked 3rd on the 10 Best Places to Start a Business - Inc. Magazine
  • Richmond was named a Top Historical Family Destination - TripAdvisor
  • Richmond Ranked 4th Overall Among the Top 10 Mid-Sized American Cities of the Future 2015/2016 - fDi Magazine
  • Richmond Ranked 3rd Among the "Top 10 Mid-Sized American Cities of the Future 2015/2016 for Economic Potential" - fDi Magazine (page 30)
  • Richmond Ranked 4th Among the "Top 10 Mid-Sized American Cities of the Future 2015/2016 for Human Capital and Lifestyle" - fDi Magazine (page 31)
  • #1 in “The 10 most popular American Cities to visit this summer” - American Express Travel - Business Insider
  • #6 in “The Best Places to Be a Teacher in the U.S.” - GoodCall
  • Richmond Named One of "The 10 Best Cities to Relocate to in the U.S." - Huffington Post
  • Richmond Named One of the "50 Best Places to Live in America" - Men's Journal
  • #43 in "The Best Places for Business and Careers" - Forbes



  • Named one of the: Top Best Places to Live by
  • Recognized as one of the Up And Coming Cities for Entrepreneurs by: Forbes
  • #6 top 10 big cities to live and work: Credit Donkey
  • #8 among top Digital Cities, population between 125,000 and 250,000: Digital Communities
  • #3 Most Creative Mid-Sized Cities in America by: Movoto
  • #58 Top 100 Best Places to Live:
  • One of the 10 Up And Coming Cities for Entrepreneurs: Forbes
  • #10 most affordable big cities for renters by: Kiplinger>
  • #7 Hot U.S. Cityies for Jobs and Culture: Daily Beast
  • #1 among large cities for financial activities jobs: New Geography
  • #25 Best City for Job Growth among large sized cities: New Geography
  • One of the 10 Best Cities for Finding Employment: Forbes
  • #12 on Top Cities for Business Growth: MarketWatch
  • #5 Best City for Jobs: Forbes
  • #8 top metro areas for the fastest-growing wages paid to workers in professional, technical, and scientific services: New Geography



  • 3rd Best Place for Military Retirement & Second Careers:
  • 12th Best City for Business: The Wall Street Journal’s
  • 7th Best City for Working Mothers:
  • Richmond Named a Top Ten Best Place for Paddling Adventure: USA Today
  • 15th Happiest City for Young Professionals:
  • 19th Most Fun and Affordable City: Bloomberg BusinessWeek
  • Top Place to Live: Relocate
  • Best Small City of the Future: Foreign Direct Investment fDi Magazine
  • 3rd Top Small Cities FDI Strategy: Foreign Direct Investment fDi Magazine
  • 5th Small Cities Business Friendliness: Foreign Direct Investment fDi Magazine
  • 4th in the 10 best cities for commuters: Kiplinger
  • 6th Best City to Find a Job: Ajilon Professional Staffing
  • Top Ten City to "live, work, and make movies": Movie Maker Magazine



  • 14th Best Metro Center for Business: Dow Jones
  • 2nd Most Charitable City in America: Men's Health magazine
  • 65th Among the Nation’s 100 Best Bang-For-The-Buck Cities:
  • 9th Lowest Among 50 Cities for the Cost of Operating a Corporate Headquarters: Boyd Company, Inc.
  • One of America’s 50 fastest-recovering Cities:
  • One of America’s 50 fastest-recovering Cities:
  • 6th Best Place in Nation to Start Over: Study by Manpower reported in BusinessWeek
  • One of the Nation’s Seven Top Cities for Trail Runners: Trail Runner Magazine
  • North America's 9th Best Small City and 4th Best in Foreign Direct Investment Strategy: Foreign Direct Investment (fDi) Magazine's North American Cities of the Future 2009/10
  • Carytown Named the South’s 9th Best Shopping Neighborhood: Southern Living Magazine


  • Carytown Named the South’s 9th Best Shopping Neighborhood: Southern Living Magazine
  • 9th Best City for Women:
  • One of the 10 Best Cities for Commuters of the Nation's 75 Largest Metro Areas:


  • One of the nation's Top 20 Places to Educate Your Child:
  • 8th Best Large Metros for Public Schools: Expansion Management
  • 4th Best Economic Development "Hot Spot," of the top 20 Mid-Sized Metros: National Policy Research Council in Expansion Management

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